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Custom Service Projects

For large and small groups looking for service ideas to build a stronger Story County community, the Volunteer Center of Story County serves as the local leadership and resource organization for group volunteering. The VCSC provides:

  • Staff available to attend group meetings and share information regarding volunteerism and project options.
  • Assistance with arrangements for a volunteer project – ranging from a FREE list of possible projects to complete coordination of a project at your location for a fee (dependent on the number of volunteers, supplies required and staff time involved).

Please contact or call 515-268-5323 for more information or to arrange a project today!

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Story County Works

Story County Works (SWC) builds a stronger community, where companies collaborate to promote and foster a culture of employee volunteerism. By connecting social-minded companies, SWC helps establish, grow, and sustain successful workplace volunteer programs.  Volunteerism helps bring balance to employees' lives, improves emotional well-being, and allows them to build skills that improve job performance in the areas of relationship building, planning, organizing, networking, leadership, and communication.

The group hosts quarterly meetings and coordinates employee volunteer projects. Meetings include discussions on critical community needs, educational programming, and round table conversations focused on increasing employee engagement. Members have the opportunity to network with peers, learn from other companies, share best practices, create corporate visibility, and forge relationships in the community.

Annual membership is $100 per company. Up to five representatives can participate in biannual meetings, networking opportunities with local agencies and an annual workshop on employee engagement. SCW companies have access to tools and resources to enhance new and well-established employee volunteer programs. To join Story County Works, email or call 515-268-5323.

Silver Cord Support

Area educators who coordinate Silver Cord Service Honors programs at local high schools can utilize the module for service learning in our online referral system to connect students to opportunities with local agencies and conveniently track the number of hours students serve each year.  Volunteer coordinators can post unique opportunities for these volunteers and tie them into existing opportunities.  Please contact or call 515-268-5323 for more information or a demonstration of the resources available.