Volunteer Engagement Training

As part of the Volunteer Centers of Iowa Network and with support from the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, we conduct a statewide live webinar-based volunteer management training series. This is a live webinar series and will connect you with other volunteer leaders throughout the state as you learn together. 
This part of a statewide collaboration with Volunteer Centers of Iowa and the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service.  A planning team worked with a national knowledge leader in volunteer management, the Points of Light Foundation, to develop the content and support materials.
We encourage you and your team to take advantage of this opportunity to help strengthen your volunteer management practices.

Through the Volunteer Management Training Series you will learn about: 

  • Understanding Volunteering: Exploring the Hear of the Volunteer Sector

  • Planning: Building A Solid Foundation

  • Recruiting and Placement: Matching Volunteer Skills with Service Needs

  • Training and Orientation: Achieving Service Excellence

  • Supervision: Maximizing the Volunteer Experience

  • Evaluation: Improving Results Using Data and Feedback

Research shows that nonprofits increase their organizational capacities by building a strong volunteer
management model and the first step is to train staff.  
VMTS is a great foundation for volunteer leaders, national service members and staff who directly works
with volunteers.  The training provides tools to successfully and effectively lead volunteers. 
This training is ideal for organizations that leverage volunteers to successfully deliver their social mission.  

Find out more information at the Iowa Nonprofit Summit in October

2018 Sessions:  Every other week 9:00-10:30 a.m.
Spring:  January 11-March 22
Fall:  September 20-November 29

Can't make the 6-week sessions?  Join us for a two day workshop:
November 7 & 8, 2017

Service Enterprise Initiative

Did you know that for every dollar nonprofits invest in effective volunteer engagement, they can expect up to $6 in return? Organizations that effectively engage volunteers are more adaptable, sustainable and capable of expanding. They also operate at almost half the median budget as compared with organizations that do not engage volunteers.
At the Volunteer Center of Story County we know that as a mission driven organization you continue to face challenges of doing more with less.  This is why it is important for you to invest and excel in volunteer engagement practices that lead to DOING MORE WITH MORE!

We are excited to be partnering with Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, to offer you access to the Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI).  This holistic change management approach helps organizations transform the way they engage human talent.  By achieving this level of excellence and certification, you will be uniquely positioned to leverage the time and skills of volunteers, to expand program operations and revenue, realize higher programmatic impact, generate more efficient operations and better achieve your mission.

Through our SEI training, you will have access to:
A thorough and research-based assessment of existing organizational volunteer engagement practices called the Service Enterprise Diagnostic (SED).
Up to 16 hours of team based change management training to help you reimagine ways to better engage volunteers and develop and implement an action plan to achieve success.
Individualized coaching to address unique organizational opportunities and challenges.
National certification signifying the organization’s commitment to and proficiency in appropriately leveraging the time and skills of volunteers to meet the social mission of the organization.

Referral System Support

Looking for volunteers for your big event? Trying to see who has already responded to volunteer? Looking for tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your listings to attract even more folks to your cause? Contact us for support.

The GetConnected online referral platform is the database for all volunteer referrals made by the Volunteer Center of Story County. Opportunities are also pulled in the statewide network of volunteer opportunities throughout Iowa at the Volunteer Iowa website and nationally through AllforGood.org (Points of Light).

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