Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement

Silver Cord System: 

The Volunteer Center is pleased to announce the online 
referral system that is capable of supporting, creating 
and tracking the Silver Cord system.

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Youth Resource Guide

The Youth Resource Guide is a compilation of organizations 
in Story County that give youth the opportunity to volunteer.
The Guide lists volunteer opportunities by organization with 
a description of the job and age requirements.  

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Other Youth Service Resources

The Volunteer Center of Story County offers education and training 
on the topic of service learning. We can also assist educators and 
community groups with leading service learning projects.

    * For the Educator
    * For the Club Leader
    * For the Member of a youth group

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Youth Volunteer Awards

The 10th Annual Story County Youth Volunteer Awards were 
given April 26, 2016 to 15 individuals and groups who performed 
outstanding volunteer service in Story County in the past year. 
The awards are given by the Volunteer Center of Story County and 
the Iowa State University Student Activities Center.  Naz Long, 
ISU Men's Basketball player, was the keynote speaker for the evening.  

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