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What's your 50?

 A Call to Service

The average number of hours volunteered is near the middle of the pack with Iowans on average volunteering 34.2 hours per year. In other words, Iowans are more likely to volunteer but on average volunteer fewer hours than the national average. As made evident in the Floods of 2008 and the spike in average volunteer hours following the flooding, when Iowans are presented a need and asked to help, Iowans step forward.

Through the “What’s Your 50?” campaign, we hope Iowan’s will increase their service activities to 50 hours per year. Contributing an extra 16 hours annually per resident would provide an additional $1 billion worth of services and improve the well being of the Iowans who volunteer. Research has shown that an annual contribution of 50 hours tends to be a tipping point for maximizing impact; both to the individual who volunteers and the benefactor of their service.

Imagine the difference we can make by working together to meet some of our communities’ toughest challenges!

“What’s Your 50” Going to Be?

Challenge your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to get involved too.
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