2015 Story County Youth Volunteer Award Winners

Story County Youth Volunteer Awards

In celebration of National Volunteer Week and Global Youth Services Day, the Volunteer Center of Story County and Iowa State University Student Activities Center invite  you to join us in recognizing the volunteer efforts of young people in Story County. 

Why is it important to recognize the volunteer service of Story County youth? Public recognition says "Thank You!" to those who have contributed in important ways to the community. It tells young people we appreciate them and encourages them to take leadership roles in Iowa in the future. Also, praise inspires imitation. Friends join with friends to volunteer, and many people can be affected by the example of one individual. In addition, these awards can help youth excel in their future educational and workplace endeavors. Many colleges look for community service in prospective students, and many businesses welcome employees who demonstrate community leadership.

Please nominate an individual or group you know in Story County under the age of 25 for their outstanding volunteer service in one of the following categories:
  • Elementary school student or group
  • Middle school student or group
  • High school student or group
  • College student or group
  • Community volunteer or group
Award recipients will be notified  and invited to an awards program to honor their outstanding volunteer work. They also will be featured in local media stories.

Please help us honor the outstanding young volunteers of Story County. 

Contact us for more information:

Anne Owens                                    
Executive Director                                           
Volunteer Center of Story County                      
130 S. Sheldon Ave #201                                  
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