The world is on the brink of something historic. In 2016, people in 193 countries begin working towards 17 Global Goals to achieve three extraordinary outcomes in the next 15 years:

  • End Poverty
  • Promote Prosperity
  • Protect the Planet

With half the world's population now under age 25, young people will lead the way. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon points out, "This is the largest generation of young people in history - and with this agenda, they can shape history. A child who is ten will come of age with the Sustainable Development Goals. I call today's youth the 'SDG generation.' Young people can mobilize the world. They can lead us to a better future."

In support of these goals, the VCSC wants to know how youth in Story County see themselves helping to achieve these goals and assuming leadership roles to do so.  

Story County youth 25 and under are challenged to participate in our Global Goals contest in three easy steps:

  1. Think critically about the Sustainable Development Goals and how youth will take a leadership role.
  2. Create an illustration (photo, drawing, painting, or graphic) that shows how youth will “lead us to a better future”. Focus on ways that youth will take action ASAP (through Awareness, Service, Advocacy, and/or Philanthropy).
  3. Submit your entry by April 15, 2016. You may submit more than one illustration. After you submit below, share your image on social media. Use #Youth4SDGs and tag @VCStoryCounty on Twitter  or @vcstory on Facebook.

VCSC volunteers will select winners to be recognized at the Story County Youth Volunteer Awards. Each of the winners will also receive a gift card.

Winners will be announced April 26, 2016