Introducing the #ServiceHat
More than a fashion statement, more than keeping you warm in an Iowa winter. Wearing a #ServiceHat supports the VCSC and volunteering throughout our community.  Your support and pledge of service can make a difference.

Make your donation today to receive this limited-edition #ServiceHat from S&S Activewear and we'll also donate an additional hat to a neighbor-in-need through our partner agencies.
Share your #ServiceHat Story

We’re looking for the best videos to post here of volunteer supporters like you from around the world who 
WEAR THE HAT. Tell us your #ServiceHat story, or what Volunteering means to you? Has a volunteer changed your life through an act of service? Or does the act of volunteering have a deeper meaning to you? Tell us in a 60 second or less video. Leave a link to your reply video in the comments section on this page.