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Your support of the Days of Service and Story County Youth Volunteer Awards is essential.  Without you as volunteers and as financial supporters, your friends, and the staff and volunteers at the VCSC would not be able to provide the supplies, services and recognition involved in these GREAT opportunities.

Platinum Sponsorship: Your gift of $2,500.00 provides for the supplies used, event promotional 
                                              materials, volunteer recruitment efforts. 

Gold Sponsorship:  Your gift of $1,000 recognizes the efforts and donation of time and talent by 
                                       all the participating volunteers.

Silver Sponsorship:  Your gift of $500 provides food (essential to all volunteering efforts) for 
                                         participating volunteers.

Bronze Sponsorship:  Your gift of $250 creates the opportunity for your friends, neighbors and 
                                           co-workers to come together and serve our community.

Thank You:  Any gift you wish to make supports the many volunteer opportunities and events that 
                        makes Story County a strong and caring community.

Please email or call 515-268-5323 for more information.

The Volunteer Center of Story County is a 501(c)(3) agency. Contributions are tax deductible.  No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contributions.