Attract volunteers with a clear, brief, and detailed description.

Volunteers are lost if details they need are unavailable in your posting. Describe the activity, what qualifications are needed and the time, location and duration of the opportunity. 

When writing a description, include:

A short, specific title (e.g. "Front Desk Receptionist"). Use phrases or acronyms familiar to general readers, unless a specific technical qualification is required.

A clear, concise description. Make a list of "who, what, when, where, and why?" relevant to the position and volunteer, then incorporate that information into a description. 

  • Who: What is your organization? Be specific about what your organization is and does. Who are you looking for? Do you need someone outgoing to work with children? Or someone computer savvy? Being specific about what you need allows volunteers to find a fit for their skills and interests. 
  • What: What do your expect you volunteers to do? Will they be working with large groups, or one-on-one with someone? Is there any training or special skills needed? Be clear about requirements and expectations.
  • Where: Where do you expect the volunteer to go to volunteer? If they live in another city the location of your program may affect their decisions.
  • When: How long will the opportunity last? How many hours do you expect volunteers to be there? This helps both you and the volunteer.  It allows you to plan for the number of people needed at a specific time, and allows the volunteer to plan their day. In cases where activities occur over more than one day, be clear about when volunteers are needed.  If training or qualifications are necessary, be clear about dates, times places, and any other requirements.

Finally, put yourself in the volunteer's shoes. What kinds of things would you want to know before giving your time to an organization? Answer any questions you would have. Have someone else read the description and see if they understand the posting. 

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